Tonsho Winter Newsletter: Is Your Inbox Out of Control?

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Is your inbox out of control?

Emails have been the preferred method of communication for most businesses for some time now. We're all familiar with email and use it to make our working lives easier, or do we? Research shows that many of us actually find that managing the unrelenting stream of emails that we send and receive every day is becoming increasingly difficult and frustrating. If you're someone who wonders whether they could be using email more efficiently, take a few minutes to read the following 6 helpful tips on how to get back in control of your inbox.

1. Empty Your Inbox Today!

Ensuring your inbox is emptied every day will help you stay in control of your workflow. It is really important to respond promptly to every email you receive and the DEAL model will help you do that:

2. Organise By Action not Subject

Although it may seem logical to create folders for each project or task, you will find it easier to prioritise your work if you organise your emails by the required action, for example:

3. Don't Over-organise

If your folder system is too elaborate you might just forget where you've put things, so stick with a small number of high-level categories. If you've got more folders than you can view on one screen - you've probably got too many!

4. Stay on Top

To stay on top of your emails, you must review them regularly:

5. Filter Spam

Receiving unwanted spam (junk) emails is a problem that threatens to take over your inbox, unless you take the appropriate action against it. This is where Tonsho can help. Unlike standard spam solutions, which can incorrectly identify valid emails as junk, Tonsho gets users to prove they are human and genuinely interested in contacting you. This not only ensures that spam will stay out of your inbox but also that you receive all your valid emails too.

6. Heavyweight Mail

When sending attached files, you are limited by the size of the recipient's inbox (which is usually set to between 1Mb and 10Mb). Mails larger than the recipients limit will bounce back marked undelivered. Again, Tonsho can resolve this issue for you by allowing you to send files of 100Mb or more (20 times larger than a standard email server usually allows). It also allows you to do this without having to upload the attachment separately to a website, just send an email as normal, with the attachment, using your usual email client.

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