Large Email Attachment

When sending an email attachment the maximum size depends not only on how large your own mail system will
allow you to send but also on the size that the recipients mail system will accept. Here are the limits
some of the major systems will allow:

The major email server programs have the following default limits for large file attachments:

Text documents tend to be relatively small, usually large files are media files such as images, video and music.
Docments such as MS Word files tend to grow large when images are inserted in them. Typical approximate file sizes are:

  • Photo – 2 Mega-pixel Jpeg ~ 1Mb
  • Photo – 5 Mega-pixel Jpeg ~ 2.5Mb
  • Photo album with 30 pictures at 5 Mega-pixel ~ 75Mb
  • Music – 5 minute MP3 at 128kbps ~ 5.2 Mb
  • Music – 11 song album MP3 at 128kbps ~ 50Mb
  • Video – 25 minutes at 768 x 576 ~ 1Gb

Tonsho provides a solution for sending large file attachments. Free accounts can send files up to 100Mb and Professional accounts can send files up to 5Gb.
For more information see: file sending description.