Emailing media has never been easier

Large File Sending

Once you’ve signed up and want to send a large email attachment, you simply attach the
file to your email as normal. You hit ‘send’ and the mail goes through our mail servers.
The attachments are lifted from the mail and placed on a password protected web server.
The recipient gets your email with an added link and password to the web page containing
the attached files. You can optionally turn the password protection off to allow quicker
access to files. You receive an email notification to inform you that the email has been

For professional and business users, complete management of the file transfer is ensured using the download tracking feature. Network administrators can track who has downloaded the file and when they did so, by logging in to your Tonsho account.

Business Integration with Exchange PluginTonsho uniquely integrates with Microsoft Exchange to process mail as it passes through
your company’s mail servers. By integrating directly with Exchange all mail, both in-bound and out-bound is processed. This means that your mailboxes can remain totally free from large attachments. Avoiding the problems associated with large Exchange mail databases, such as slow server response or corruption of the database.

Taking the attachment load from both in-bound and out-bound mail off your mailboxes also means that each user can
store many more actual emails in their assigned quota.

The average size of an email with attachments is 500Kb, meaning a 100Mb mailbox can only hold just 200 emails. However, the average size of a plain text mail is 75Kb meaning a 100MB inbox with Tonsho handling the attachments can hold 1300 emails!


Tonsho & Microsoft Exchange integration diagram