Using Tonsho with Microsoft Outlook

Tonsho large file transfer is available to use with Microsoft Exchange. Our plugin for Exchange
allows large files to be extracted from all mail passing through your Exchange server, both
in-bound and out-bound.

By using the Tonsho Exchange Plugin all the large file storage is handed off to our cloud, meaning you no longer need to worry about large files clogging up your Exchange database or otherwise overloading your internal IT infra-structure.

  • Centralize all your large emails straight from Outlook
  • Increase capacity & reduce the strain on your Email database
  • Reduce the risk of corruption
  • Process both inbound and outbound Email
  • Increase security by storing emails on our encrypted server
  • Only one install necessary eliminating the support hassle and cost of installing Outlook plugins on
    the machines of every user in your organization

Tonsho Exchange Plugin Architecture Diagram

For enterprise customers installing our plugin is a snap and the user accounts configured in your Exchange system automatically synchronize with Tonsho. Users are added to Tonsho ‘on-demand’ by the Exchange plugin as and when they require large file transfer services.

You can configure the threshold for extracting files, which is set to 1 MB by default. Also, with Tonsho installed you may wish to increase your maximum allowed file size from say 20 MB to 100 MB.

For any attachments above this threshold, up to 5 GB, your users get access to our web service, where they can take advantage of our bulk upload applet.

To use the plugin you will need a Tonsho Enterprise Account.

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