The problems that large email attachments present to your company are comprehensive, complex and potentially catastrophic.  Their impact upon your financial resources, data security and network performance cannot be underestimated. Fortunately Tonsho Enterprise provides an affordable straightforward solution allowing all your staff to benefit from Tonsho’s large file sending and receiving service.


The problem:

Email is the file transfer method of choice, however email servers were never designed to handle large email attachments and they buckle under the strain causing many critical business problems:

Undelivered emails: company server and recipient server limitations on file size leads to bounced or disappearing emails, resulting in damaged business relationships.

Hardware & IT maintenance costs: ensuring company network and mail servers operate speedily and reliably, and storing email along with their attachments on company servers is extremely costly.

Wasted time: employees struggle for alternative solutions, IT departments waste time managing emails and attachments, expanding storage systems and constantly trying to relieve clogged email systems.

Rogue data transfer: with server limitations employees use adhoc online solutions, breaching file security and confidentiality regulations, threatening IP and leaving no email audit trail.

Courier costs: employees often resort to cutting files to CDs or USB sticks and sending them by courier at massive cost.


The threat to your business:

Crippling IT infrastructure costs: email volume is set to increase by a third by 2012, increasing the already large problem of email attachments.

Business Critical Time Delays: clients and colleagues do not receive files on time.

Reduced business productivity: decision-making times extended due to file transfer delays.

Huge financial liabilities in event of data breach: in 2009 the average cost of a data breach was $6.75 million.


The solution:

With Tonsho Enterprise the solution is surprisingly simple and affordable. Enjoy managed file transfer with the convenience of email but without the IT infrastructure burden and security risks.

Employees still send files using email but Tonsho takes the weight off by removing the large email attachments, putting them on the Tonsho server and sending a link to the recipient(s) to download the files.

The Tonsho system requires virtually no IT support or maintenance and immediately reduces your IT infrastructure costs.


Why Tonsho Enterprise?

  • It’s easy: the system only requires a user to understand how to send an email.
    With a system so easy, straightforward and intuitive that it immediately blends into their usual daily workflow, employees will not want or need to look elsewhere to send large files, ensuring that your data governance policies are not breached. No training required.
  • Immediate ROI: Tonsho handles your company’s heavyweight mail meaning that the IT infrastructure burden is lifted – no need for endless storage and server upgrades which are extremely costly – and lower courier service bills.
  • Saved time: business decisions and processes are accelerated due to quick file sharing times.
  • Secure: with secure servers and password protected files, your data is in safe hands.
  • Auditable: full traceability of files, including when they were downloaded and by whom.
  • Flexible: the service can grow as your company grows.
  • Branding: brandable download pages providing a consistent and seamless communication with your clients / customers.
  • Inbound file handling: brandable download pages providing a consistent and seamless communication with your clients / customers.
  • 5 GB file capacity: giving you a higher level of service than the rest of the industry.

The cost

The cost of an Enterprise Account is based on the number of users (email addresses) who will use the service and the total amount of pooled storage space available for your email attachments.

For our standard costs see the table below. We offer monthly or annual subscriptions. If you have specific requirements that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0)845 6800062.

Number of users Cost per user per month
Up to 10 users £10.00
Up to 100 users £9.50
More than 100 users £9.00
All prices exclusive of VAT

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